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Robot teachers invade South Korean classrooms

This isn't science-fiction: in an English language class, the teacher has been replaced by Engkey, a robot teacher, as part of a pilot program launched by the South Korean government. Read the article and let me know your opinion!
Read the whole article at www.cnn.com

Doesn't this remind you of Isaac Asimov's The fun they had and its key sentence "(...) and the teachers were people."?

Click here to read the whole science-fiction story!


A matter of taste

I proudly present a rather unconventional way of introducing the topic "food" , which is the proof that art, creativity and education go hand in hand!


Let's dance!

In order to develop students’ creativity, they were asked to come up with and perform a new, alternative choreography to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. On October 27th (the day we celebrate Hallowe’en at our school) we will see if this projects has worked out or not.
Meanwhile, and for those of you who are rather ungifted when it comes to creativity and dancing…you can always try to imitate the King of Pop himself! Have a look!

A milestone in music history to get you in the mood for...Hallowe'en!!!

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as my students did!